Girls Program Info

Circles (5-11 years old)
The girls side is comprised of four circles, each one awesome in their own way. Each circle holds their monthly Circle Meetings at different times and different locations, as well as having members that attend different schools.
  • Meet 3rd Monday of the month at 7 pm in Harleysville
  • Most members attend Corpus Christi and Oak Ridge
Flying Eagles
  • Meeting day varies month to month
  • Most members attend Gwynedd Square
  • Meet 3rd Sunday of the month
  • Most members attend Vernfield Elementary
Indian Valley Explorers
  • Meet 3rd Friday of the month 7 pm in Harleysville
  • Members attend West Broad St.(3), Lower Salford(1), Pennview(1), Methacton(1), Vernfield(1), Corpus Christi(1), Montgomery(1), and Oak Ridge(1)
Older Girls Program (11+ yrs old)
For information please email Ted Marquardt at
Camp Menolan