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National Program through the YMCA that has been around for over 80 years.

Although we accept new members at any time, the program is active from September through June and is a great way to spend time with your children doing activities you both enjoy.

A program voluntarily run by Dads, so you know it must be easy (no cookies, magazines or wrapping to sell) and with minimal time commitment that is flexible.

There are separate girls and boys programs for children ages 5-11. Additional programs for children over 11. Within each gender/age group, there are multiple smaller groups called circles. (Please see specific girls and boys program pages for more specific information).

This program provides a framework to meet the mutual needs of parents and children for spending enjoyable, constructive, and quality time together.

If you have questions or want additional information.


Our program members enjoy a wide variety of events. 

Examples are:

Time/Cost Commitment?

Typically 1 meeting per month (September through June). Usually one hour in duration. Rotate which Dad brings a snack and craft to the monthly meeting. Often ends up that Dad needs to bring craft/snack just once/year.

Each month, there is typically one major event offered to the group. Attendance is optional (pay only if you plan on going), but each event is highly recommended since you will have a great time with your child.

Cost to join program:

For Full Facility Family Members: 

For Non Full Facility Members:

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How to Join?

Complete the registration form and bring it to the North Penn YMCA.  Once you have registered with the North Penn YMCA, dads please send us an email confirming to